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"When change happens, we happen to change."

Investment Management


Our methods of stock market investing go beyond simplistic asset allocation models that produce below-average results.

If our evaluation of the market is positive, and the likely road ahead looks good, we want to take advantage of  investments that in our view have the best appreciation potential, seeking opportunistic profits with moderate-risk holdings.  

If in our judgment the market is "risky" and if it's showing signs of an upcoming correction, we foresee the danger and take precautions to defend client assets from erosion.  Many others proceed blindly forward, suffering the negative consequences springing from no proactive defensive plan, and regretting it later.

If we see increasing risks ahead, maybe even an upcoming correction, we may go partially or fully to cash to preserve investor's capital and not give profits back to the market.  Or, we may take protective, defensive actions to keep your account growing.

The stewardship principle teaches us that it is just as important to be a concerned risk-avoider, as it is to be an opportunistic risk-taker.  


We want to explain how we go about doing all this. 


You could start with a review of our Services tab.  Or, you can go directly to our Contact tab. You can set up a phone call, an online video meeting, or an in-person appointment to discuss how we work for clients.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We offer complimentary financial planning to every investment client.  Our sophisticated tools are designed to yield in-depth information.  Our certified financial planner creates an actionable plan from your financial data that allows clients to realize better financial outcomes. Our CFP functions as your "CFO" and will adjust your approach to your key lifestyle issues as necessary so you can achieve true financial success.  


You will receive a 10-15 page financial planning report with "to-dos" to improve your lifestyle.  There is an assessment of whether or not you have enough resources to last throughout your lifetime.  We will go over improvements you can make to put you on the path to reaching your goals, primarily in the areas of cash flow, debt repayment, investment returns, insurance, taxes, and estate issues.


We provide recommendations for improving your workplace retirement accounts, and for optimizing your company benefits package.  


We will monitor, assess and discuss your plan progress with you throughout your tenure with us.

Robert Holman, Founder -
The Defensive Advisor

Robert has been an analyst, manager, and financial advisor for over 40 years, first for corporations and now for individuals. 


He founded Holman Wealth Management to help clients get to their desired lifestyle faster than with typical investment programs.  This is especially helpful to those who have not been able to reach their retirement savings or wealth goals.


He worked for TD Ameritrade as an employee, then for LPL Financial as a contractor, before establishing HWM to render totally independent judgments regarding financial issues of all types.


He is a summa cum laude graduate of The University of Texas at Austin Business School and is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Financial Planner.


He resides with his wife and adult children in Dallas, TX.  He serves in a leadership role in his church, helps divorced individuals recover from their experiences, and helps church members with their financial issues. 


Charles Schwab 


We recommend Charles Schwab for client accounts due to the high level of client service.   Charles Schwab merged with TD Ameritrade to bring forth a fully integrated, best-in-class investing platform.


XY Planning Network


Holman Wealth Management is a member of XY Planning Network.  Included with membership are financial planning and investment reporting tools, compliance assistance, and access to other financial service providers, generally available at a discount, which helps keep our fees low.


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