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Robert Holman Investment Library

I have read all or parts of these investment-related books


Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life - Alice Shroeder - Detailed biography; who he is and how he got that way

   Note: this was written by an acquaintance.  The book goes in-depth about his personal life.  I really liked this book.


Graham and Dodd's Security Analysis - Cottle, Murray, and Block - Fundamental value investing


Financial Analyst's Handbook II - Sumner Levine - Analysis by Industry


Bear Market Investment Strategies - Harry D. Schultz - Profiting in Bear Markets


Analysis of Financial Statements - Leopold Bernstein - Fundamental analysis


Techniques of Financial Analysis - Erich A. Helfert - Technical Analysis


Classics: An Investors Anthology - Charles D. Ellis - Compendium of investing literature


Classics II: Another Investors Anthology - Charles D. Ellis - Ideas and concepts of investing


Secrets of the Investment All-Stars - Kenneth A. Stern - Compendium of street wisdom


One Up on Wall Street - Peter Lynch - Use what you already know


Beating the Street - Peter Lynch - Stock picking and MF strategies


Buffetology - Mary Buffet - Previously unexplained techniques


Wealth Without Worry - James N. Whiddon - MPT, MRP, anti-Wall Street, anti-timing


Maximum Profit - Joseph E. Granville - Stock market investing, timing and indicators

Managing Investment Portfolios: a Dynamic Process - Maginn & Tuttle - Portfolio investing


Managing Investment Portfolios: Update - Maginn & Tuttle - Portfolio investing


Battle for Investment Survival - Gerald M. Loeb - A guide protecting investors from common mistakes and pitfalls, according to William O'Neil, this is the best book on the stock market


My Own Story - Bernard Baruch - His life tory - highly recommended by William O'Neil


The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham - Practical guidance to build an investment policy and observations of human behavior


Stocks, Bonds, Bills & Inflation - Historical Returns - Roger G. Ibbotson & Rex A. SinquefieldAcademic study


Stocks, Bonds, Bills & Inflation - Past and Future - Roger G. Ibbotson & Rex A. Sinquefield - Academic study


Total Money Makeover - Dave Ramsey - A proven plan for financial fitness


Global Perspectives of Investment Management - Rodney N. Sullivan - Collective writings from the 50th Financial Analysts seminar


How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short - William O'Neill - Founder of Investor's Business Daily, doing it correctly


Lair's Poker - Rising through Wall Street - Michael Lewis - His insider’s account of 1980s Wall Street excess


Practical Ways to Build a Fortune in the Stock Market - David L. Markstein - Investing concepts that can be implemented


Founders of Modern Finance - Prize-Winning Concepts - CFA Research Institute - About authors Markowitz, Sharpe, and Miller


Standards of Practice Handbook - CFA Institute - Ethics, Codes of Conduct, Client Service Standards


AIMR Performance Presentation Standards - Assoc. Inv. Mgmt. and Research - Standardized methodology for presenting performance


Murchison - Rise and Fall of a Texas Dynasty - Jane Wolfe - Family biography


Managerial Finance - J. Fred Weston & Eugene F. Brigham - Capital budgeting, cost of capital, investments, forecasting


Intermediate Accounting - Walter B. Meigs & A. N. Mosich - Debits and credits


Texas Big Rich - Sandy Sheehy - Fabulous fortunes


The Stock Market Handbook - Frank G. Zarb & Gabriel T. Kerekes - Securities reference manual, investment decisions


The Wall Street Jungle - Richard Ney - Ethics and methods of those who direct money


Guide to Financial Independence - Charles Schwab - Explains investing


Inside the Yield Book - Sidney Homer & Martin Leibowitz - Bond market strategy and tools


How to Consistently Beat the Market - Zack's Investment Research - investment strategies using Zack's research


The Big Drop - James Rickards - growing wealth during market collapses


Hug Your Customers - Jack Mitchell - Personalize client relationships


IRAs, 401-Ks and other Retirement Plans - Twila Slesnick & John C. Suttle - Explanations


Real Estate Investment Strategy - Maury Seldin & Richard H. Swesnik - Strategy, timing, financing, 


Forecasting Methods for Management - Steven C. Wheelright & Spyros Makridakis - More than a dozen forecasting methods for manager


Winning Stock Selection Systems - Gerald Appel-  Compendium of 'best' investing methods


Bear Markets: How to Survive & Make Money in Them - Harry D. Schultz - How to profit in down markets


The Encyclopedia of Stock Market Techniques - Investors Intelligence - Forty-one (41) investment indicators and strategies


Oil in Texas - The Gusher Age 1895 - 1945 - Diana Davids Hinton & Roger M. Olien - Chronicles the explosive growth of the Texas oil industry 


The Second Crash - Charles D. Ellis - a fictional account of an imaginary 1970 market crisis; suggests reforms


Panics & Crashes - How you can Make $$$ out of Them - Harry D. Schultz - How to profit in down markets


How to Make Money in Wall Street - Louis Rukeyser - Wisdom from the Wall Street Week maven


Super Money - Adam Smith - Super currency


The Corporate Prince - Qass Aquarius - Administrative tactics


Extraordinary Popular Delusions & Madness of Crowds - Charles Mackay - Crowd behavior and psychology; chronicles tulip bulb craze and 15 others


Tough Minded Leadership - Joe D. Batten - Teambuilding and motivating people


The Pure Joy of Making More Money - Donald M. Dible - Starting a business


Business Valuation Handbook - Glenn M. Desmond & Richard E. Kelley - Computing what a business is worth when selling


Oh Thank Heaven: the Story of 7-Eleven - Allen Liles - entrepreneurship


Negotiating Successfully: Making a Better Deal - Sam Moore - Donald Trump's 'Art of the Deal' precursor?


People: Managing Your Most Important Asset - Harvard Business Review - Working with people


The Dilbert Principle - Scott Adams - Workplace afflictions


Dictionary of Finance & Investment Terms - John Downes & Jordan E. Goodman - Reference


Guide to Intelligent Investing - Jerome B. Cohen & Arthur Zeikel - Theory & practice of investing


Investment Values in a Changing World - Nicholas Molodovsky & Richard D. Milne - Collection of published papers


YEN! Japan's New Financial Empire and its Threat to America - Daniel Burstein - Now outdated (I keep it for those who fear China)


What the Prudent Investor Should Know about Switzerland - Harry D. Schultz - International investing and banking


The Sophisticated Investor - Burton Crane & Sylvia C. Eisenlohr - An in-depth probe of the forces behind economic fluctuations


Mineral Resources - Peter T. Flawn - Academic


Roaring Ranger - Boyce House - Ranger Texas oil field in the 1950s was bigger than Spindletop


A Saga of Wealth: Rise of the Texas Oilman - James Presley - Great Texas oil fields and oilmen


Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - the Inner Game of Wealth - T. Harv Eker - How rich people think and act differently from everyone else


Equity Valuation: Models, Analysis and Implications - David F. Hawkins & Walter J. Campbell - Fin. Executives Institute - predictive price models


The Battle for Investment Survival - Gerald M. Loeb - Market action factors


The Predator's Ball - Connie Bruck - story of Drexel, Burnham Lambert - LBO junk bonds


Salomon Brother 1910 - 1985: Advancing to Leadership - Robert Sobel - Firm history; shortly thereafter the firm was acquired


Called to Rise  - Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown & Michelle Burford - Career of the great police chief of a major US city


The Sale of a Lifetime - Harry S. Dent, Jr. - The coming great bubble burst of 2017 - 2019


The Incredible Shrinking Alpha - Larry E. Swedroe & Andrew L. Berkin - Why your wealth is dwindling


The Investment Answer - Daniel C. Goldie & Gordon S. Murray - Five key decisions every investor needs to make


The First Billion is the Hardest - T. Boone Pickens - Biography



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