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12:00 TUESDAY – Bi-Weekly Market Report #238 – 5/28/24

Robert Holman |

STOCK MARKET RATING (THE BIG PICTURE) … 6.0 (1-4 bearish, 5 neutral, 6-9 bullish). I’m still optimistic, but cautiously so.  The market has had significant negative days since my last report and has been down more than 600 points overall.  Fears are increasing that a) inflation is not slowing down like it once was, b) the Fed will not lower interest rates until September at the earliest (rather than June), c) the economy will slow down as a result, and d) higher rates may be needed to fight inflationary increases.

Chairman Powell of the Fed acknowledged what everyone suspected.  He said rates may have to stay higher for longer, for interest rates to do their work in reducing inflation.  The market did not drop immediately after that, which was an encouraging sign, but has been generally negative since.

My view is that we have a more-or-less fully priced overall market, with few undervalued stocks.  But stocks can increase in price when earnings increase. There are little pockets of opportunity where one can find opportunities through hard work.

But, also most likely, if the rate on the 10-year Treasury remains below 4.75%, then most likely the market has a decent chance to perform well. If it gets any closer to 5% than that, the market will most likely turn negative.

I still envision a market that moves mostly more-or-less sideways, and slightly up, where income opportunities will be an important part of the overall return.


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