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12:00 TUESDAY – Stock Market Report #161– 4/12/22

by Robert Holman | The Defensive Advisor |

EQUITY MARKET RATING … 4.5 (0-4 bearish, 5 neutral, 6-10 bullish).

The market did selloff last week and yesterday, but not so far today. Inflation is at its highest rate in 40 years, yet 10-year Treasury rates decreased today. The DJIA is reaching lower highs and lower lows, at least for now. The S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 are showing similar but less clearcut patterns, with a higher high in the picture, clouding the interpretation.

Today, crude oil reversed yesterdays sell-off. The two or three week rally in tech stocks was half-undone last week, but they are rallying strongly today.

The Energy sector continues to make new highs. Financials are reaching lower highs and lower lows, while interest rates are reaching new highs. Healthcare is moving toward new highs.

Is it the best of times or the worst of times? The market rallies when risks slip from focus, sells off when they come back in focus, resulting in dramatic price swings in both directions.

EQUITY MARKETS and the ECONOMY … The Inflation rate surprised many by reaching 40-year highs while many expected it to slow. With this news the market rallied. The level of prices is becoming painful, even to the somewhat affluent. Consumers are feeling an increasing impact of higher prices.

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TO MY CLIENTS … THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUST. We’ve had great success since we started this RIA in mid-2018, for are doing better than the market return over the same time.

Excelsior Divitiae. Proverbs 21:5, 22:3, 27:12 and 3:56, Joshua 1:9, Ecclesiastes 8:7, 1Chronicles 12:32 and 29:11-13, and James 4:13-16.

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